Intel regains position as number one in the semiconductor industry

Intel is the company Xzero first chose to discuss the development of our technology with. It is the company we still have the most regular contact with. We are pleased that Intel is once again number one in the fiercely competitive semiconductor industry.

The seven largest semiconductor suppliers are expected to show growth of more than 22% this year. IC Insight’s November update to the 2020 McClean report, which will be released later this month, includes a discussion of the 25 largest semiconductor vendors by 2020.

The November update also includes a detailed forecast until 2024 of the semiconductor market by product type (including sales, volume, unit shipment and average sales price) and a forecast for the largest semiconductor industry’s capital expenditures for 2020.

Gratifying for Xzero is that great growth is forecasted for vendors like Xzero, i.e. suppliers of manufacturing equipment to the semiconductor industry.