New CEO recruited internally

Andreas Törnblom joined Xzero as CEO in December 2021.

After joining the Scarab family and Xzero as responsible for business development in 2020, Andreas conducted internal standardization work to consolidate the company’s offering. With this finished, he took over the development of the Scarab family’s first commercial product – Nanocap- which was placed in its own company Type1water AB in 2021. After setting up the right conditions for serial production, marketing and sales of Nanocap, Andreas re-joined Xzero as CEO.

Before joining the Scarab family, Andreas was the CEO of Transrail, a company in the railway IT. The company manufactures and installs optimization software for train movements with large energy savings as a result. Andreas was active here for about 10 years, of which the last 6 as CEO.

Prior to that, Andreas was involved in a number of different environmentally oriented start-ups in Europe, the USA and Asia spanning everything from various energy-saving products to plastic recycling.