The European Commission publishes an article on our work

“Extraordinarily ‘clean’ process water opens the floodgates of innovation in the semiconductor industry” – that’s the headline of the article talking about our Horizon 2020 project. To read the full article, please click here. To view the video that was launched for the project, please click here.

The EU’s evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Project

Despite the delay in the project owing to the sanitary situation all over the world, Applicant has completed the project successfully! Big compliments for this great achievement. As mentioned in the first report, it has been decided and agreed upon to change the scope of the project into three verticals, viz. UPW-polishing, IPA-polishing and Resource […]

Horizon 2020 Project Update

Xzero’s Horizon 2020 Project for SME’s from the EU is due to be completed by this year; Xzero has received the three manufactured modules and are currently undergoing stress testing.  The Stress testing is expected to be finished soon and followed up by a cleanroom showcase of the modules alongside project partners and finally with the delivery of […]

Placement of shares

The shares generated by the new rights issue of 2020 have now been placed in your accounts. However, if you have received an email from us it means that there was a delivery error. Please check your email and get back to us as soon as possible if that is the case. If you would […]

Reminder – The settlement date is approaching

Dear Investor, We hope that all is well with you and yours and that you’ve had a lovely holiday season, despite the circumstances. We would kindly like to remind you of that the settlement date for the new rights issue is 11 January 2021. If you encounter any difficulties in doing the bank transfer or […]

Regarding the settlement note

Dear shareholder/investor, It has come to our attention that the settlement date on the settlement note is incorrect. The settlement date on the note incorrectly says 6 December 2019, when the correct date is 11 January 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, and hope that this clarification comes in hand. If you […]

New rights offer

We have a new rights offer where the subscription period runs between the 1-11 December 2020. The share price is 70 SEK and one must buy a minimum of 200 shares. Please see the link below for more information. The information relating to the new rights offer is in Swedish, but can be translated to […]

Intel regains position as number one in the semiconductor industry

Intel is the company Xzero first chose to discuss the development of our technology with. It is the company we still have the most regular contact with. We are pleased that Intel is once again number one in the fiercely competitive semiconductor industry. The seven largest semiconductor suppliers are expected to show growth of more […]

Video from Xzero’s AGM

The video from Xzero’s Annual General Meeting is now live and can be watched here.